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Tech-Animator on the development of Baldur's Gate III.

Responsible for prototyping and developing animation systems created with the studio's in-house engine and animation states tool.
Writing tools and scripts to enable the Maya pipeline throughout all the departments and ensure smooth implementation of assets in the game.
Rigging characters, monsters, critters and props.

May 2019 - Dec 2020


Rigging Supervisor on the award winning short film Black Slide by director Uri Lotan, produced by The Hive Studio and successfully funded on Kickstarter.

In charge of creating a rigging pipeline that allowed modular character rigs.

Developed tools and UIs to help the animators on the production.

Feb 2020 - Mar 2021


Pipeline Technical Director and Rigger on the NFT project Katatonik by creative directors Liron Topaz and JP Sans (from DreamWorks Studios),

successfully minted on July 2022.

Developed automation tools that allowed us to generate a database of unique images with different accessories and properties.

Database import tools supported the generation of the assets in animation software (Maya and Nuke).

Mar 2022 - Jul 2022


Co-founded the indie game studio "CookieByte Entertainment".
We developed the game "Fort Triumph" that was released on April 2020, after it has been successfully funded on Kickstarter on May 2017.

As a Technical Director and Rigger, I developed scripts and tools to support the creation of our assets in Maya, and their implementation in Unity.

Oct 2015 - May 2019


Part of a small rigging department working on Disney's

"Muppet Babies" project.
Responsible for all around rigging tasks such as characters, props and sets.

Oct 2017 - Apr 2018

Dec 2015 - Aug 2016



Character Animator on several projects including Mattel's "Barbie Dreamtopia" and Disney's "Star Darlings".
Responsible for providing shots in an average amount of 5~6 seconds of animation per week.


Tutoring IAC students in all aspects of Computer Graphics and Adobe Software.
Provided guidance through the creation of projects and short films, as well as assistance in solving technical issues.

Dec 2016 - Jan 2018




Various Projects

Rigged and animated for several indie video games, including "SNOW" and "Moduwar". Character Rigger on the VR attraction "Yaturu". Technical Director in an AR project by "ARShow", combining a live performance of Gulliver with CG elements brought to life on stage.
Worked closely with clients to deliver quality projects.


Hey there!
I am a Technical Artist and Pipeline TD, and have most recently worked on Baldur's Gate III at Larian Studios.

Graduated from "IAC - Israeli Animation College" with a diploma in Computer Graphics, and have since worked on a variety of amazing projects such as Disney IPs, short films, AAA games and several indie games.


I am proficient in all aspects of the 3D pipeline and have experience in both rigging and animation. I’ve always found interest in programming and problem solving, which led me into scripting and becoming a TD.

I enjoy developing tools for Maya, especially ones that were requested by others to help them with their workflows.

Here are some examples of tools I developed in my spare time:

I love playing video games and am fascinated with animated movies!

Among my other hobbies are playing the saxophone, producing and recording music, and eating pizza :)

I'm a hard worker and dedicated team player, always keep my smile up and mind open - I value critique and strive to expand my knowledge and improve my work.

If you have an interesting project you would like to collaborate on, or just want to connect, I'm always happy to hear about new opportunities!

Phone: +1 (818) 238 7481


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